Cindy Hosch

Paradise Found

Page 22
It seemed to me right then and there, that I had indeed found my tropical Paradise. It wasn't a place. No, it was the people I would meet along the way. I found a home, a real community in the people of Ozello. Paradise found in three short bridges. 

The Legend of Luke

Page 140
Luke wasn't one to brag but he always loved to recite the legend were he saved a young man from drowning. I think it helped his psyche if he counteracted all the unflattering stories about himself with a rally good heroic one. 

Scallop Queen

Page 223
She shrieked, "I found one!" She made the shallow dive to retrieve her new found treasure. In those t3 seconds, sharks be damned, she was hooked. 
She started hauling scallop after scallop. They never stood a chance.